Tyrrhenian sea Turban

49 €

Turban / headband / headscarf in cotton popline and silk shantung.

Arabescato Carrara marble print + bright blue.

100% Handmade in Italy.

Handcrafted for you, ships in one week.

The most glamorous fashion accessory meets precious marble textures in  l*ughetta Marble Collection, the result of the collaboration between EVERYTHING MARBLE  and l*ughetta. l*ughetta is the first headband / headscarf / turban you can sculpt: it’s easy, thanks to its malleable core.  You can shape it as sculpture, choosing each time a different style. You can wear it as a turban, or fold it half to use it as an headband, you can shape the ends as a knot, a flower, a giant ribbon, or as a crazy fascinator, just be creative. The perfect hairstyling accessory to manage loose hair, to add a chic vintage glam, and to stand out in the crowd. l*ughetta is versatile and suits any occasion in the city or on the beach: wear it with a long dress as well as with jeans and a shirt. Find your style and have fun!


The Marble Collection tells the story of Carrara and its territory from the Alps to the sea, mixing Apuan marble textures with colours distinctive of Carrara architecture. EVERYTHING MARBLE  patterns are elaborated from photos and scansions of real marble slabs. The Tyrrhenian sea turban celebrates the territory of Carrara, that streches from the Apuan Alps where the famous white marble is extracted, to the Tyrrhenian sea, where the marble it originated.

L*ughetta exclusive accessories are entirely hand made in Carrara, UNESCO Creative City of crafts and folk art.


* Brand: EVERYTHING MARBLE x  l*ughetta

* Materials:  silk shantung and cotton popline

* Core: alluminum wire

* Pattern: Arabescato marble print / bright blue

* Dimensions: about 110 * 25 cm

* 100% Hand made in Italy: designed, printed and sewn in Italy.

l*ughetta Marble collection - marble sea

The Tyrrhenian Sea

Marble and Sea, the essence of Carrara. A tribute to the Tyrrhenian Sea that laps the coasts of Marina di Carrara, only few kilometers away from the Apuan Alps where the famous white marble is extracted.


The Tyrrhenian sea turban is extremely versatile.
The blue shantung goes perfectly with a pair of jeans. Great for redheads.
Crafter & Stylist


Each turban is handmade on request, thus receiving requires a bit of patience.  l*ughetta promotes the values of true Italian craftsmanship, with a custom-made production.

* Handcrafted for you, ships in one week

* FREE Shipping to Italy


ATTENTION: Silk is delicate!

Hand-wash in cold water, iron at low temperature.


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Great quality product - Elisa 9 / 9 / 2919
A new way to experience Carrara marble, a really innovative idea - Francesca 11 / 9 / 2019
Highly recommended, fantasy, quality and friendliness - Davide 12 / 9 / 2019