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10 trendy marble watches to show off: are you sure they are real?

April 21, 2020
marble watches

A bright and elegant Carrara marble dial is the latest trend in wrist watches. The marble watch is the current must-have piece in your collection.

Here is a selection of 10 brands offering marble watches, even though, after careful analysis, we found out that just a few are made of genuine Carrara marble! It turns out that the majority are made of howlite a common and cheap white stone.

But which one among these popular ‘marble watches’ is made of real Carrara marble? You will be surprised to find out the results! But first, let us analyze the advent of marble mania in the watch industry.

Marble mania in the watch industry

The global wrist watch market is constantly growing, despite smartphones and other appliances are replacing their functionality. Luxury watches and watches for women are the most growing categories. Women watches are used as accessories and they are constantly adopting the latest fashion trends, one for all marble mania!

New watch producers are also trying to position themselves in new niches using new eco-materials such as reclaimed wood and marble.

Carrara Marble has been used as a visual hammer in luxury watches by historic brands such as Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and big fashion brands such as Armani.

The idea is simple: visiting Italy, you can often find beautiful Carrara marble tower clocks and ancient marble sundials, so why not recreate it on a smaller scale, so that you can wear an incredibly light and thin Italian marble watch on your own wrist?

New players born on social media

Recently the ultra-light marble technology has become available and it can be now used by different industries. A variety of new watch brands that are mainly selling online are making their way in social media like Instagram.

Lideste, Vincerò, Cluse, Paul Valentine, Holzkern, Treehut, MVMT, are some of the companies that have invested heavily in the marble theme to launch their products, with fashionable but affordable lines ranging from 100 – 200 €.

White Carrara marble is the most desired material for marble watches providing a bright easy to read dial, but also black marble, green marble, and red marble are used.

But how can you set apart genuine marble from Howlite? Some brands name their products “marble watch” but then they offer vague descriptions, and when you read “real mineral” or “real stone” it is very likely to be Howlite. Another clue is when the grey veining is very small, it is probably Howlite!

1. Rolex – Day Date

Rolex Day Date - 1992
Rolex Day Date – with white marble dial?

You may think that, because it is 50.000$ 18k gold Rolex, the dial must be made of real Carrara marble, instead, it is just Howlite! We are disappointed, but we must say that the Swiss luxury watchmaker was honest about it.

2. Armani AR11170 Marble watch

Armani marble watch
Armani white marble wrist watch

Cast in stainless steel with a round case and a link bracelet, the Armani marble watch comes with a marble printed dial. Dear Armani, you could have gone for the real Carrara marble!

3. Fossil – Jaqueline watch

Fossil Jaqueline marble watch
Fossil Jaqueline marble watch

The Fossil Jaqueline watch is described as having a “marble effect” dial, we are not sure whether it is printed or it is Howlite.

4. Lideste – Carrara steel 34

Lideste Carrara marble watch
Lideste Carrara marble watch
Lideste marble watch packaging
Lideste marble watch: made in switzerland, with Italian marble
Lideste real marble watch dial
LIDESTE – Real Carrara marble dial

Lideste is a new watch brand entirely built on the Italian marble idea. You won’t find them in the shops cause they are using the internet as their distribution channel.

Lideste watches are Swiss made, with genuine Carrara marble; not only they are using “Carrara” in the product name but they even embossed the outline of Italy on the back of the watch case. We love their packaging and the payoff “a piece of Italy on your wrist”.

The website is very clear about the use of genuine marble, with a section dedicated to Carrara where they explain: “Named after the town in Tuscany, the mountains of Carrara is home to the finest pieces of marble, each unique like a fingerprint. With its contrasting surface and colorful past, the stone from Carrara has always stood up against changing fashion – making it timeless. “

5. Vincero – Mechanical wrist watch

Vincero marble watch
Vincero marble watch
Vincero marble watch - details
Vincero marble watch – details

Vincero watches were launched in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, using the powerful image of Italian marble. The company is based in San Diego, California, but plays with Italian legacy, starting from the company name VINCERO, the idea of including a piece of Italian marble “that was used to build an empire” and the case embossing “Veni, Vidi Vici” the latin words proclaimed by Giulio Cesare after the victory over the Ponto King. Both the watch dial and the wrist band inserts (in some models) are made of real Italian marble.

6. Cluse – La Roche watch

Cluse la roche marble watch
Cluse la Roche marble watch

Founded in Amsterdam 2014, Cluse that has quickly become a bloggers and influencers favourite. The marble theme of La Roche collection has proven to be perfect for Instagram shots. Cluse claims their dials are made with genuine marble.

7. Holzkern – Air (walnut / marble) watch

holzkern air wood marble watch
Holzkern ‘Air’ watch: walnut wood and white marble watch

Holzkern is an Austrian watchmaker using natural materials as a distinctive mark. Holzkern means literally wooden heart, in facts, they use different varieties of wood and natural stones from different regions of the world.

Wood is combined with other materials such as stones that have served humanity since the beginning and that symbolize a newfound communion with Nature.

We are not sure where the marble comes from but we can positively say it is authentic marble.

8. Paul Valentine – White marble rose gold mesh

Paul Valentine white marble watch
Paul Valentine white marble watch

Founded in Germany in 2015, Paul Valentine is another brand that has ridden the wave of marble mania. Their description is a bit confusing, they call it marble dial, and then they describe it as a “natural color pattern”. Verdict: it is printed, even though they make different patterns so that they veins look random as in real marble.

9. Treehut – Theory zebrawood and white marble

Treehut  Theory zebrawood white marble
Treehut Theory zebrawood white marble

Treehut is a family-owned business in San Francisco started in 2013. They use different kind of wood and different kind of marble and sandstones. In this zebrawood watch, the natural marble stone is framed with warm wood accents creating a bold face balanced with a slim band.

10. Giuliano Mazzoli – Carrara

Giuliano Mazzuoli CARRARA marble watch
Giuliano Mazzuoli CARRARA marble watch

Giuliano Mazzuoli is a watchmaker from Florence, and this marble watch named CARRARA is a tribute to his Tuscan origins. The case is made of fine Carrara marble, the same used by Michelangelo Buonarroti for his David, the wrist band is made of Tuscan calf-skin leather. Carrara watch was launched in 2015 and sells at 3600€. You can be sure that this is real Carrara marble!