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Marble effect handmade soap: organic, scented and beautiful!

September 24, 2019
Carrara marble inspired soap bars handmade in Thailand by TandB Soap House

A Marble effect handmade soap bar is just gorgeous: a healthy ritual that is good for you and decorates your bathroom at the same time! Handmade soap producers are getting more and more creative to differentiate themselves and are challenging each other to create the most perfect marble effect marble soap.

The bar of soap has become a canvas for crafters to create works of art, and social media are fostering a new aesthetics of soap. Carrara Marble is the most imitated, and Carrara Marble packaging is also used for handmade soaps for a fresh, natural and luxury look.

These marble soap bars smell fantastic and are produced by using traditional methods in small batches. Organic ingredients are mixed to produce good quality as well as beautiful soap bars. Handmade soaps are generally made from plant-based ingredients like natural oils & pure herbs of different flavors, as well as glycerin which softens and moisturize the skin. Handmade soaps are free of chemical additives such as parabens, SLS, and other petrochemicals products.


The handmade soap market continues to grow

The Global Handmade Soap Market has been valued USD 150 MN (by revenue) in 2017 and is anticipated to reach USD 220 MN by 2024 with an annual growth rate of 5.0%.

Rising awareness regarding beauty products together with high demand for chemical-free skin and hair care products is driving the handmade soap market growth. No wonders new producers are entering this market with new fragrances, ingredients, and textures such as the marble effect. It makes perfect sense, as the marble texture mania has already gotten Beauty and care industry: we have seen beautiful marble packaging for makeup products, perfumes , and even marble nail art !


Most beautiful marble handmade soap

Here is our selection of best looking  marble soaps produced around the world and found in beautiful instagram accounts and etsy shops.


1. T&B SoapHouse (Thailand)

Marble effect soap bar by T & B soaphouse - Thailand

Marble effect soap bar by T & B soaphouse – Thailand


Calacatta Marble effect soap bar by T & B soaphouse – Thailand


Carrara Marble effect soap bar by T & B soaphouse – Thailand


2. MOTE (Korea)

Soap cube by MOTE ( Korea) isnpired by earth and its elements


Soap cubes by MOTE ( Korea) isnpired by earth and its elements


Mote marble soap in marbled packaging


3. Fazeek (Australia)


White Marble soap by Fazeek


Marble Terrazzo soap by Fazeek


4. Aquila (Indonesia)


Carrara marble inspired soap bars handmade in Indonesia by Aquila


5. Burbujas y Sabones ( Spain)


Carrara Marble soap, handmade in Spain by Burbujas y Sabones


6. Mrs Rarra soap (United States)


Rarra marble soap come in marble packaging!


7. The soap dot bar (United states)


Marble effect soap bars by


8. Gold Water Soap ( United States)


Marbe and stone gems by Gold Water Soap

9. Scent Seas (France)


Marble soap handmade in France by Scents Sea


10. T.S. Pink Soap Rocks ( United States)

Marble rock soap by T.S. Pink