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Carrara Studi Aperti: a weekend to discover Carrara treasures

August 21, 2019
Carrara Studi Aperti 2019

Carrara, the city of marble has many hidden treasures: dozens of incredible art ateliers and sculpture studios where international artists meet and work away from the spotlights.

“Carrara Studi Aperti” (Carrara open workshops) from 30th August – 1st September 2019 is a weekend during which more than 80 studios, workshops and exhibition spaces are open for visits: a wonderful opportunity to understand why Carrara has been designated UNESCO Creative City.

From 30 August to 1 September 2019 from 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., the artists of Carrara will open their doors: sculptors, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, ceramists, photographers, architects etc. some locations will host special events and performances. Find here the map!


Carrara Studi Aperti: get to know Carrara, UNESCO Creative City and its art studios

The event started in 2013 when a group of artist of different nationalities came together and decided show to a wider public their art ateliers and workshops. Places that have been for a long time hidden and unknown, where the process of art creation was kept intimate. The number of participants to has increased ever since, and that’s only a hint of the cultural upheaval present in the city of Carrara.

Carrara Studi Aperti is a glimpse of a unique and still genuine reality, a weekend to observe a microcosm in which established artists and young students coexist.

Carrara studi aperti - supa lab

Supa lab, Carrara

Carrara: much more than marble quarries

Carrara has seen for centuries a continuous coming and going of artists, from Michelangelo to Canova to contemporary ones, who come here from all over the world to to learn the art of sculpture,to choose the best marble, to study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, to be inspired by other artists. The workshops of Carrara guard a millennary know-how, this is the place where you can learn any sculpting technique, where you can find any tool to shape marble, from the most ancient to the most technologically advanced.

Carrara is one of those cities you should visit with a local guide to discover its true soul. Many tourists come to Carrara for day trip just to visit the amazing landscapes of the marble quarries: huge mistake! It is worth to spend some time in the City of Carrara, visit its squares, its churches, its museums and its art galleries and workshops. Such an experience will let you understand why artists love this place so much, and you will better appreciate the immense value of Carrara marble.


Carrara studi aperti - Smail Zizi sculpture studio

Carrara studi aperti – Smail Zizi

Carrara Studi Aperti 2019 workshops

The best way to visit  Carrara Studi Aperti is by foot! Get a map of the event here. There will also be a shuttle bus service to visit the workshops and studios outside the city center.

 This year it also possible to take part to many interesting workshops, such as:



‘Carrara un Museo a Cielo Aperto’ offers a mini urban photography workshop that will take place in Carrara and surroundings.

  • Cost: 30 € – 50 € each
  • Where: Ass. Culturale Carrara…un Museo a Cielo Aperto Via Carriona 39 – Carrara
  • Info: Massimo Susini 3665456689



Arco Arte offers a basic sculpture workshop: the participants will be able to sculpt a piece of Carrara marble and they will keep their creation.

  • Duration: 2 hours and a half.
  • Cost: 40 € each
  • Where: at Arco Arte Carrara Via Carriona di Colonnata 41, Carrara
  • Info: call Barbara Valsuani 388-7777000  arcoarte.it
Carrara Studi Aperti - Arco Arte

Carrara Studi Aperti – Arco Arte


Atelier La Goccia offers a Majolica workshop with explanation of the Majolica technique, ceramic decoration, adequate small terra cotta, use of brushes, colors.

  • Duration: 3 or 6 hours
  • Cost: 30 € – 40 € each
  • Where: at Atelier La Goccia Via Carriona di Colonnata 51 – Carrara
  • Info: Barbara Valsuani 388-7777000 artisticceramictuscany.com


Offered by Atelier Carrara. From the design on paper to the stone, learning to use  manual and mechanical tools.

  • When: 1st – 8th september
  • Duration:  8 hours
  • Cost: 250 € / day
  • Where: Atelier Carrara via Torano 2p – Carrara
  • Info: Andrea Lugarini cell. 3929037954
Carrara Studi Aperti - Atelier Carrara

Carrara Studi Aperti – Atelier Carrara


Studioformart Showroom-Bar: CIBART

Studioformart Showroom-Bar: CIBART


Carrara Studi Aperti - Al Nassar sculpture studio - UNESCO CREATIVE CITY

Carrara Studi Aperti – Al Nassar sculpture studio


Studio Naman - carrara marble sculpture

Carrara Studi Aperti – Studio Naman


Laboratorio Menconi, Carrara

Laboratorio Menconi, Carrara


What: Carrara Studi Aperti

Where: Carrara, Tuscany – find the map here

When: 30th August – 1st September 2019

Info: Carrarastudiaperti.it