Surfing on Carrara marble surfboards

July 1, 2019
Alexander Wang and Haydenshapes marble surfboards

Carrara Marble texture and surf may seem a weird combination, but to us marble surfboards really makes sense! In facts, did you know that Carrara, besides being renowned for its fine marble it is also one of the best surfing spots in Italy? Some great surfers have trained here, among the waves of this Tyrrhenian beach with a view on the white Apuan Alps, as well as windsurf and sailboat champions.


Alexander Wang marble Surfboards

But it was not in Carrara that the marble surf was launched. It was Alexander Wang who in 2014, created a Marble collection in collaboration with Australian surfboard brand Haydenshapes for an original installation in its Soho flagship store features. Four marble print surfboards, in a limited series, were created printing on silk photographs of unique marble slabs, with a glass-like gloss polish, on the award-winning Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto boards. The effect is visually stunning and plays with the concept of floating marble.


Carrara marble surf gear

Since then other surfboard companies joined the marble texture mania (as well as skateboard and snowboard gear companies). Hot Buttered released in 2018 a Hbomb Silver Marble surfboard. Many other companies offer custom marble print surfboards, for example, Wax surf, based in Los Angeles makes some really creative amazing marble texture inspired surfboards.

Not only Surfboards but also smaller accessories come in marble print: Futures makes HS2 Generation White Marble Surfboard Fins providing all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control. Ocean Earth produces a Line Up Surfboard Tail Pad in White Marble print, a pad with lots of technical features for progressive surfing.


Marble wetsuits

Besides, we have found marble swimsuits, swimming costumes, and bikinis. RIP CURL launched the G Bomb Spring Wetsuit in marble print, made in  E4 Neoprene, a very light, flexible and warm neoprene, 1mm thick. S.I.E Swim, a company based in Hawaii launched the Lima wetsuit in Carrara marble print. It’s funny that, while in Italy swimming costumes are printed with tropical palms and flamingos, in Hawaii they are finding Carrara marble somewhat exotic.

Marble texture is a synonymous of strong and solid, as well as pure and natural. So what do you think about these pieces? Do you feel statuary enough to pull them off? If you know other marbled surf gear pleasse let us know!



Alexander Wang flagship store Soho, NYC

Alexander Wang flagship store Soho, NYC


Hot buttered marble surfboards

Hot buttered  surfboards


WAX surf custom surfboards in marble texture

WAX surf custom surfboards



Marble grey water shoes by Ballop

Grey marble water shoes by Ballop


Ripcurl Bomb marble wetsuit

Ripcurl Bomb wetsuit


Black marble scuba wetsuit by INFSD swimwear

Black marble scuba wetsuit by INFSD swimwear


Marble wetsuit by S.I.E. Swim

Marble wetsuit by S.I.E. Swim


If you Like this, you may find interesting also other accessories to marble up your summer, such us the marble floating tube, the marbled yoga mat, the marble turban and why not chill with marble popsicles!