5 Marble yoga mats for solid yoga practice

June 26, 2019
Svarga Yoga mat by State of Shanti

Marble Yoga Mats are the ultimate accessory for yoga lovers! White and black marble pattern is extremely popular right now for mats, yoga pants and tops,  activewear  as well as in many other sports gear .

Yogi culture has never been so attractive,  yoga photos are trending on social media,  and with that come new companies creating comfortable and fancy outfits and gear for Yoga practice. We have found a number of  Carrara white and black marble print yoga mats produced in the USA, Europe and Australia,  appearing to be a worldwide phenomenon. But why Yoga and Marble? Marble pattern is associated with something premium and high quality but also with nature, strength and purity.

We are not sure if a beautiful marbled yoga mat can help you keep eyes on it and stay focused on yourself, or if it is a way to feed your ego and get some perfect instagrammable moments, what do you think? By the way these marble yoga can surely give you an extra motivation to practice.

Here are 5 mats in marble pattern we have selected worldwide:


1. ‘Sculpt’ yoga mat by Guru Yoga Mats (UK)

Stay solid as marble in your Asana on a mat inspired by the rocks charged from the Earth ‘Sculpt’ adds a touch of purity and strength to any space. Guru Yoga Mats are made using only eco-friendly and biodegradable materials and are suitable for Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot, Hatha or any other kind of Yoga.

‘sculpt’ white and gold marble yoga mat by Guru Yoga Mats (UK)

‘Sculpt’ yoga mat by Guru Yoga Mats (UK)


2. Marble teddy yoga mat by Yogi Bare (UK)

Take your marble obsession to the next level with this gorgeous black marble print yoga mat from Yogi Bare. Machine washable and super foldable.



3. Svarga Yoga mat by State of Shanti (Australia)


The Sanskrit words ‘Svarga’ translates to ‘Heaven’. The Svarga Yoga Mat was inspired by white marble and is sure to make you feel like you are practicing in your very own space of heaven. The Svarga Yoga Mat is a mat/towel hybrid made with a 100% recyclable & biodegradable natural rubber base & microfibre top; free from PVC, silicone, phthalates, chlorine, toxic glue & toxic ink.  The Svarga Yoga Mat comes fitted into a yoga bag as part of State of Shanti initiative to reduce plastic packaging waste.


Svarga Yoga mat by State of Shanti

Svarga Yoga mat by State of Shanti


4. Marble mandala yoga mat by Seeka Yoga (US)

Ultra absorbant and soft microfiber suede top make this mat perfect for hot yoga, Bikram, or any sweaty practice/workout. Specially designed to grip better with sweat. Custom printed artwork featuring a neutral marble and asymmetrical mandala design. Mat/Towel Combo 100% natural rubber bottom with premium microfiber suede top. This  Yoga mat is reversible, biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Free from chemicals, phthalates, heavy metals and PVC. Seeka Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold.




5. White marble yoga mat by StoneLux & co (Australia)

StoneLux & co is a company based in Perth, Australia, producing marble Yoga Mats & Double Wicks candles in marble vessels.


5.White marble yoga mat by StoneLux & co

5.White marble yoga mat by StoneLux & co


Bonus: Yoga Mat Bag by Oak and Reed (US)

The Oak and Reed yoga mat bag is thoughtfully designed to transport your mat – and your gear. The interior elastic strap and double-snap closure securely hold most mat sizes. An exterior zippered pocket fits your phone, money, keys and other essentials.