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Everything Marble for l*ughetta: the first marble turban you can sculpt

May 8, 2019
Palazzo del Medico Carrara - l'ughetta di marmo


The most glamorous fashion accessory meets the best Italian marble textures in the l*ughetta Marble Collection, the result of the collaboration between EVERYTHING MARBLE  and l*ughetta.

What is l*ughetta? l*ughetta (Italian female name for Hugh, to be pronounced ou-get-uh) is a turban / headband / headscarf that can be styled in many different ways thanks to its secret malleable core. You can shape your marble ughetta turban as a sculpture, choosing each time a different style.

l*ughetta Marble Collection tells the story of Carrara and its territory from the Alps to the sea, mixing Apuan marble textures with colours distinctive of Carrara architecture, and silks shining like the sunsets on the beach.

To represent Carrara and the Italian style we have created a fashion accessory you can “sculpt”


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Handmade in Carrara, UNESCO Creative City

l*ughetta is a brand by Ilaria Locati Luciani, an eccentric crafter from Carrara we fell in love with. Ilaria crafts her exclusive turbans and headbands using natural fiber fabrics. Ilaria likes to customize each piece, because there are not two women alike!  l*ughetta is 100% Made in Carrara, designated Unesco Creative City for crafts and Folk Art.

l*ughetta concept is based on the research of unique fabrics and combinations, and that never contemplates a production on numbers, but on ideas.



l*ughetta Marble Collection – the marble turban

The marble collection features three marble patterns created by Everything Marble, elaborated from photos of real marble slabs. We have selected the most precious types of marble from our territory:  Statuario (Carrara) used by sculptors for centuries, Calacatta (Carrara) with warmer tones, and  Portoro (Portovenere) a rare black and gold marble from the nearby city of Portovenere.

From Carrara to Portovenere: a journey to discover precious italian marble qualities as well as the perfect tourist route off the beaten track


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Hairstyling accessories: must have for the spring summer 2019

l*ughetta turban is the latest Italian fashion phenomenon, a must have for the summer 2019: the perfect hairstyling accessory to manage loose hair, to add a chic vintage glam, and to stand out in the crowd.  l*ughetta is versatile and suits any occasion in the city or on the beach: wear it with a long dress as well as jeans and a shirt, just have fun!

l*ughetta di marmo - modello Statuario- un tributo a Palazzo del Medico, Carrara


l*ughetta di marmo - modello Arabescato - un tributo a Palazzo Cucchiari, Carrara


l*ughetta di marmo - modello Portoro (Portovenere)

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