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Starbucks released marble tumblers and coffe mugs, and people went crazy

March 18, 2019
Starbucks Korea Marble collection: marble thumbler and marble thermos

Last summer Starbucks Korea added marble cups and tumblers into their core collection and people went crazy!  The Starbucks Marble themed collection includes tumblers, thermos and coffee mugs in Carrara marble texture with rose-gold details.

In recent years the chain has started to sell mugs to bring home which can be re-used for eco-friendly refills. In each country, there are different collections, and in Asia they often come out with the best designs and cute packaging.

These marble cups are a limited edition seasonal collection and sold out within days. There was s a crazy demand with some e-commerce reselling these rare items overseas, and people flying in just to have them!

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Starbucks Korea Marble collection

Starbucks Korea Marble collection


Curiosities about Starbucks and marble

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. founded in 1971, operating about 30,000 locations worldwide. In September 2018 Starbucks opened its first location in Italy, a Reserve Roastery in Milan, a superior category coffee boutique, showcasing of all the potential of the group.

Did you know that the green mermaid logo is not present in the Milan Roastery? Instead, a CARRARA marble statue of a mermaid by Tuscan sculptor Giovanni Balderi welcomes the visitors at the entrance. Besides, Coffee is served on a 10 meter long counter in beautiful Calacatta Vecchia marble from Carrara, derived from a single block of 30 tons.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, Italy. Carrara Marble Mermaid and Calacatta Vecchia marble counter