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Carrara Marble wine cooler

December 27, 2018
Carrara marble wine cooler by Studioformart

As New Year’s eve is approaching, everybody is getting ready for a special toast and getting out their fancy wine chillers and champagne buckets. This gorgeous Carrara marble wine cooler by Studioformart may seem just a design exercise but it is not: in facts, marble is an excellent insulating material and was utilized in antique wine coolers to keep wine at an optimum temperature. Your wine or champagne will be stone cold! In facts, you can even use marble stones to chill whisky and other drinks. This marble intrinsic property has even been the inspiration for marbled thermic bottles , cups and glasses !


How to use a Carrara marble wine cooler

1. Wipe the marble wine cooler down with a clean, damp cloth;

2. Place the marble wine cooler in the freezer an hour before use;

3. Remove the cooler from the freezer. Place the wine in the cooler and add ice. The cooler will keep the wine chilled for several hours.



Why this marble wine cooler is special

Marble wine chillers are super trendy right now and can be find in a multitude of stores, but this one is different. First of all it is not just a machine shaped cylinder but an expertly hand crafted object with  a sinuous design, pleasant to the eye and to the touch. Besides, this wine cooler is Made in Carrara, with real Carrara marble (not everything in the stores out there is), by an Italian design studio with a frequented showroom bar in the main square of Carrara. When you buy a piece of design from this studio you are buying a piece of Tuscany, a piece of Carrara.


Carrara marble wine cooler by Studioformat

Carrara marble wine cooler by Studioformart


Studioformat: Fatto a Carrara (Made in Carrara)

Studioformart is a Carrara based art studio specialized in the design of artistic ceramic and marble unique pieces, also working with materials such as wood, iron, steel, resin, plaster, cement. Their innovative showroom-bar, called “Cibart” is located in one of the most beautiful squares of Italy, Piazza Alberica, in the heart of Carrara. Cibart is the place where you can have an Aperitivo and eat local food such as Testaroli, Colonnata Lard, Focaccia, as well as feed yourself with Art. A new food experience with handcrafted products by Studioformart and local food, as it is written on its walls “Pane, vino e marmo” (bread, wine and marble). Dining in Cibart, attended by the Dell’Amico brothers, Andrea e Simone, two great artists and fantastic hosts is truly a everything marble experience not to be missed!

Studioformart Showroom-Bar: CIBART

Studioformart Showroom-Bar: CIBART


Studiofoormat Showroom-Bar: CIBART

Studioformart Showroom-Bar: CIBART