When marble becomes sweet!

December 22, 2018
Marbled Biscuit

Christmas is the time of year I love the most (I know it’s a cliché), you are together with your family and as good Italians you share several moments at the table. I personally love to cook sweets and every year I enjoy giving them to friends and relatives. Let’s add the love for marble, and here is this year’s new idea that will be a smash hit under my Christmas tree: marbled biscuits!
The effect of these biscuits is just that of a block of Carrara marble, some original sweets decorated with a golden touch that are perfect for these holidays.

Our observatory has captured these recipes that we want to share with you … it’s just the case to say, the marble is (finally) everywhere!

Marbled macarons with gold detail. Carrara marble effect!



Marbled biscuits with gold detail. Carrara marble effect!



First photo:
The second and third:

I have not found all the recipes but under the photos you will find the source

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