Christmas decor Design

Merry Marble Christmas! Marble decor for a bright holiday

December 14, 2018


If you haven’t noticed, Marble is one of the protagonist of this Christmas: from gift ideas, to Christmas tree ornaments and home decor, it’s stealing the scenes.

Right now white marble is synonymous of a contemporary and refined style, and goes together well with nordic and minimalist decor. Here is the Everything Marble panoramic of Christmas marble decor pieces:


Marble stocking holder

Marble stocking holder by Mud Pie

Marble stocking holder by Mud Pie



A marble stocking holder is beautiful, it’s heavy enough to hold a stocking stuffed with sweets an presents, and it looks great on a fireplace!


Marble candles vessels

All marble candle by Fire Inside

All marble candle by Fireside

Christmas equals candles even for those who do not live in hygge-land Denmark. This year the must-have candles are very luxury items with special fragrances and Carrara marble and copper vessels.


Marble  center  pieces


carrara marble tree - made in Carrara

carrara marble tree – made in Carrara


What to put on a Christmas center table? If you are searching for something new, elegant, festive but not too kitsch, marble objects are the answer. These Carrara marble trees are handmade by Laboratorio Menconi, a small sculpture workshop in Carrara. Candid like snow , simple and elegant, they will surely surprise your family and guests.


Marble place holders

Carrara marble place holders by Twinkle and Toast

Carrara marble place holders by Twinkle and Toast


Make your Christmas table even more special with these custom marble place holders.

The trendiest styling objects for important occasions such as wedding and big events, marble place holders come in different shapes and can be customized with engraving or print in metallic colors.


Marble essential oil diffuser

Carrara marble oil diffuser by Addition Studio

Carrara marble oil diffuser by Addition Studio


Christmas smells great: mandarins and oranges, fir resin, cloves… If you need some help to bring the holiday cheer aroma to your home, you can use diffusers with natural essential oils. And if you are using a Carrara marble diffuser, it really becomes a sort of special ritual.


Marble wrapping paper



In the last couple of years white marble paper appeared as an option for gift wrapping. Use tmarbled paper with gray velvet ribbons, silver ribbons or copper satin to make your present stand out.


Marble krackers and marble Christmas greeting cards


Marble greeting cards, yet another interesting juxtaposition: cold Carrara marble texture to send warm Christmas wishes!


Marble print Christmas stockings

Our observatory has found these marble-print stocking at Urban Outfitters, has the marble texture mania gone too far? Like it or not, it is the evidence of how pop marble has become.


Merry Marble Christmas!