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An innovative wireless charging PAD made of Carrara marble

December 11, 2018
White Carrara Marble wireless smartphone charger by Niccolò Garbati

We return to Carrara to talk about design and recycling.
Niccolò Garbati is a young designer and digital craftsman, who,  under his brand Progetto 99, has created a wireless charging PAD for the desk. A simple product, but capable of revolutionizing the most common charging needs.

The Wireless charging pad is a universal wireless charger, which recharges the mobile phone simply by placing the device on the marble surface. A creation that combines tradition and innovation, Italian craftsmanship with design, innovation and sustainability.


Patented and produced by Garbati, this object has a simple but essential design, born with the intent to reuse the waste of various marble production processes, and use a material considered classic, transforming it into a unique object.

The charger uses a new technology that allows an electronic board consisting of two modules to work through a marble surface, allowing you to charge your phone without the use of cables.

The wireless marble recharge pad is available in three different colours and is able to charge all smartphone models and brands. The disc has a diameter of 12cm and a thickness of 2cm.

It is available in White Carrara, Bardiglio, Nero Marquina and Pietra Travertino marble, with a smooth velvet effect finish; the last two versions are also available on olive wood or Nero Africa.

Niccolò is one of the most promising artists on the Carrara scene, his passion has been handed down to him by his family and this young boy is carrying it on with great creative and innovative skills, professionalism and know-how typical of the great Made in Italy.