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A Marblelicious Christmas tree

December 11, 2018

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, and guess what? This year marble is surprisingly trending as a winter decor: marbled baubles, real marble ornaments in any shape as well as marble home accents for a shiny and bright holiday. Thanks to modern waterjet technologies it is possible to produce thin marble objects, light enough to be hanged on the fir branches. Marble decorations are unique and they are a great gift idea too.

Short story of the Christmas tree tradition and its evolution

The evergreen fir tree has been used to celebrate pagan winter festivals for thousands of years. The Christmas tree tradition started in the renaissance in northern Europe and Baltic countries, and it was then imported in the rest of Europe and North America in the early 19th century. The custom of adorning a tree became popular among the nobility, then wealthier middle-class families followed the fashion, till it became a very popular custom.

The first decorations were flowers, apples, sugar canes and pastries, then baubles and all sort of tinsels grew popularity. In recent year the Christmas tree reinvented with a touch of glam and every year there are new ideas and inspiring themes. For some families it is much more than just a piece fo decor, the tree tells a story, and each year a memory or a meaningful piece of decor is added.

Christmas tree 2018 trends

In 2018 Christmas tree trends are neutral colors, frosty branches, white and silver decorations, modern and chic, natural woven ribbons and wooden touches, and of course marble baubles and tinsels. And while people are adding marbelicious touches on their XMAS decor, in Carrara you can see the World’s first all-marble Christmas tree!

We would have never thought too see marble on a tree, but honestly it really looks good! Get some inspirations for your marble-licious Christmas:

1. Marble-like glass baubles

Marble baubles have been seen everywhere from the famous London’s Harrods, to Etsy shops.  You can even do it yourself following tutorials available on you tube.




2. Real marble ornaments


set of 3 marble handcrafted ornaments made in Greece by Marblellous


Marble ornament by Marbleslabs

Marble Angel ornament by Marbleslabs in Carrara marble


Marble Star ornament by Blonde and Stone


Marble ornaments by

Marble ornaments by



3. Real marble custom milestone celebrative ornaments

Marble is so precious that it can be used to celebrate a memory, for example the first baby Christmas, the first Christmas as a family etc. This is the idea behind these custom marble  ornaments by Geo supply co.


Custom marble tree ornaments by Geo supplies co.

Custom marble tree ornaments by Geo supplies co.