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Marbre Magique, the Carrara marble Christmas tree

December 6, 2018

It is called “Marbre Magique” and it’s a 2.97 meters (9.74 feet) high Christmas tree made entirely of Carrara marble. Its branches are made of Bianco Carrara and the base in Bardiglio marble.

Little marble decorations for Christmas trees are trending worldwide, but this is the world’s first all-marble Christams tree, the sort of things you can see only in Carrara.


Marbre magique: a design teamwork

A group of entrepreneurs, artisans and professionals have collaborated to give their city this unique piece of design. The stylized Christmas tree  is strictly handmade by the artisans of the Carrara Sculptors Cooperative, from a design by Tecnodecoro of Stefano Dell’Amico, and  concept by photographer and videomaker Michele Ambrogi.

The marble tree  has been designed paying particular attention to the the inclinations and the relationship between the edges and their curvature and the shape of the base supporting the two intersected plates. A concept with impressive measures for its genre, 297 cm  (9.74 feet) in height, which revolves around the number seven, from the Latin ‘septem’: perfection, completeness. Seven is the number of the pyramid: given by the sum of the three (the triangle) which symbolizes the sky, plus the four, the number of the earth (the square base).

The Marbre Magique is composed of two slabs of marble fitting crosswise exactly like in a 3D paper tree. The installation was quite delicate and it required a crane and four men to slide the two pieces together along the slits.




A marble tree for a magic Christmas

The idea was to give the Carrara community a design tree of great identity as well as a functional object. In facts, the Marbre Magique can be used as a seat and it provides a perfect selfie opportunity to send Christams greeting from Carrara.

The name itseld is a word pun: “Marbre magique” means magic marble, and “Marbre”is also portmanteu for marble + arbre (tree), recallig the famous little tree air refreshener, known in french as Arbre Magique.

You can find the marble fir for the whole holiday season in the historical center of Carrara.  Merry Christams and happy #MarbreMagique seflie!


Marbre Magique, the Carrara marble Christmas tree - photo by Michele Ambrogi

Marbre Magique, the Carrara marble Christmas tree – photo by Michele Ambrogi



Laboratory: Cooperativa Scultori Carrara  www.cooperativascultoridicarrara.it

Design: Tecnodecoro by Stefano Dell’Amico

Concept: Michele Ambrogi

Materials: Bianco Carrara and Bardiglio by Professional Marble Srl

Photo by Michele Ambrogi