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Edge, a design table that comes from the waste of marble

December 3, 2018

Edge is a table born from the union of marble waste and wood waste in a single concept.

The fusion of Stonethica stone, obtained from waste stone processing, with the Oriented Strand Board (OSB), a poor material born from the assembly of wood processing waste, underlines the concept of recovery and enhancement of raw materials.

Not everything that is beautiful born from what is new and not everything new has to come from something “beautiful”.

“Just trying to break this limit I thought of creating a table whose border, edge, is a continuous line the above of which becomes underneath and whose underneath becomes above creating a sort of real and conceptual overturning.” says designer Marco Mirco nani.

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design Marco Mirko Nani (
Factory Stonethica (
Legs by

Photo by Matteo Dunchi

Slab: Stonethica PietraGrey
Legs: Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Dimensions 190 x 85 x 73H cm



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