6 Must-have marbled accessories for a cozy winter

November 29, 2018
Tazza marmorizzata

Carrara Marble brings to mind several concepts: luxury, classical elegance, pureness, but coziness isn’t one of them. Scandinavian designers, experts in comfort and in the art of creating intimacy, have always preferred warm materials like wood and ceramic for their ‘Hygge’ factor, while marble has always been seen as a cold material.

Something has changed though, as marble has become pop, and the marble texture is being applied everywhere, some designers have accepted the challenge to make marble comfortable, soft and warm. You will be surprised to find out how cozy are these trending marbled objects, perfect to face the wintertime at home. Here is our selection:


1. Marbled ceramic mug

Marbling ceramic mug by Ly-land

Marbling ceramic mug by Ly-land

If you love tea and infusions (or hot chocolate!) and you are one of those persons looking forward to the winter just to hold a warm mug in their hands and sip it slowly, then this mug by Ly-Land is for you. This mug is so perfect to hold while relaxing in your hyggekrog (comfy corner) and to be left around the house. One of the most popular marbled objects on Instagram and Pinterest!


2. Marble kettle

Marble kettle by Blaupunkt

Marble kettle by Blaupunkt

You will need a kettle of course, so why don’t opt for this stylish marbled appliance by German manufacturer Blaupunkt. Read more about its matching toaster here.


3. The giant Marble lounge pillow bag

unSACCOdiMARMO! The Marble Lounge Pillow - Arabescato Marble print

unSACCOdiMARMO! The Marble Lounge Pillow

It looks like a rock, but it is much more comfortable to lean on! unSACCOdiMARMO it’s a giant marble lounge pillow that looks incredibly realistic.  A very interesting contrast that converts a simple bean bag in an incredible marbled accent for your living room. Available in arabescato marble and Portoro marble, it’s 100% made in Italy.


4. Marbled socks

Living Royal marble socks - picture by Kautarbijou instagram

Living Royal marble socks – picture by Kautarbijou Instagram

Warm and comfortable socks do not have to be embarrassing! Try these Living Royal marble socks. Who thought that marble could keep you warm!



5. Marble notebook


Marbled notebook by Eccolo

Marbled notebook by Eccolo

When you are all set with your warm socks and a hot tea you can indulge in your favorite relaxing activity: reading, Netflix or writing your journal. If you opt for the third option, you can write your thoughts on stone with this beautiful Marble Notebook with metallic lettering by Eccolo. Want more marbled notebooks? Read here.



6. Marbled candles


Marble pillar candles by Nordic House

Marble pillar candles by Nordic House

To warm up the room and to be happy, as Danish people teach us, just lit up some candles. Not only marble candle holders are very popular, but marbled wax candles too! Light up these marble pillar candles by Nordic House and enjoy your cozy winter!