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Sculpt your body with Carrara Marble Dumbbells

November 22, 2018
Carrara marble dumbbells by Addition Studio
Work out with style with these marble dumbbells by Addition Studio (Australia). Made with Carrara marble, they weight 35.2 oz (1 kg) and can be used for working out, for real. If you want a sculptural body, why don’t use marble dumbbells? If you end up not exercising, at least they are beautiful objects to show in your house or they can be used as a paper weight in your studio.  
Carrara Marble Dumbbells
Carrara Marble Dumbbells and packaging by Addition Studio
1 KG Marble Dumbell by Addition Studio
1 Kg Marble Dumbell by Addition Studio
The Carrara Marble Dumbbells are designed and made in Australia and are part of the Addition Studio Ritual Collection, a wholesale focused product range of designer wellness products. Addition Studio was formed in 2010, they define themselves as “Obsessed with the Art of Ritual. Designer Wellness. Creating the Modern Utopia.”