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Marble finish portable chargers

November 8, 2018

The phone charger is a life-saver accessory for bloggers and always-connected people, who need to spend a lot of time on their phones. That’s why nowadays tech companies are offering a multitude of colourful and stylish tech accessories that can be pretty and show some personality.

And guess what? The latest trend is white marble finish! We have found some beautiful marble like phone portable chargers and wireless chargers! If you want to go for the real thing check this real marble charger out.


White marble phone charger

Urban Outfitters White marble phone charger

White marble portable charger by urbanoutfitters.com


Urban Outfitters marble portable power charger

Urban Outfitters marble portable power charger

White marble 8000 mAh portable power charger by urbanoutfitters.com


Typo marble wireless portable charger

Typo marble wireless portable charger

Wireless marble portable charger by Typo.com


Ankit marble wireless charger

Ankit marble wireless charger

White marble print mobile phone wireless charger by ankit.com



Even the smallest tech accessories cannot escape the marble fashion: the trend is marbles details! You can get marble USB car charger and wall charger adapters by ankit.com


Stay tuned for other insights into marble high-tech accessories such as marble headphones, marble phone stands and marble phone covers (selling like hot cakes!).