Marble Pumpkins are the trend for this Halloween!

October 31, 2018

The marble madness has affected Halloween too! This year you can make your own faux Carrara marble pumpkins for a unique Halloween decor.
A white marble pumpkin is a chic touch and can be kept all autumn!  Get more marble decor ideas here!

DIY Carrara marble pumpkins instructions:

  1. Start paint your pumpkins in white;
  2. Make your pumpkins as smooth as possible with sandpaper to remove imperfections in order to look like marble;
  3. Utilize a feather to paint gray veins, and a sponge to blur them in order to recreate marble texture;
  4. Define details with a small brush;
  5. Finish with a glossy sealant.

You can follow this tutorial at The Design Confidential 

Happy marble Halloween!