Everything Marble reports: Marble texture in product design (part 2)

March 28, 2019
Marble texture in product design

Everything Marble scans everyday shops on line, social media and design projects all over the world to search for marble – inspired products. Since 2016, we havefound thousands of items in more than 230 product categories (and we are gradually publishing them!). It is time to try to draw some trends based on our researches. In case you have missed it, here is part 1: Most popular marble textures.


Most popular marble textures for product category

Different marble textures are used in different contexts; some really look good when printed on fabric others are cool when printed on paper etc.  Which are the most used marble textures for each product category? How is marble used in product design? Here are some examples we have analyzed:


Stationery: White Carrara marble, Statuario, Negro Marquina, Terrazzo, black and gold marble

Dinnerware: White Carrara marble, Calacatta

Sport gear:  Arabescato, Negro Marquina, Verde Alpi, black and gold marble

Smartphone accessories: White Carrara marble, pink marble, azure marble, Verde Alpi

Packaging: White Carrara marble. Arabescato, Terrazzo, Calacatta

Beauty: White Carrara marble, Pink marble

Fashion: White Carrara marble, Statuario, Negro Marquina, Arabescato

Jewellery & Watches: White Carrara marble

House linen & Decor: Statuario, White Carrara marble, Terrazzo, Arabescato

Take a look to the infographic below, it is clear how Carrara marble is still the King.


Most popular marble textures for product categories


Which are the top marble inspired product categories?

Marble has become a pattern applied to a variety of products in many different industries. We have found some very original and quirky marbled objects, but which are the most popular applications for marble textures?


  1. High Tech accessories (phone covers, earphones, speakers, chargers, laptop covers, skins for game consoles, etc.)
  2. Stationery (notebooks, planners, office sets, binders, sticky notes, etc)
  3. Sport gear (activewear, sneakers, ski gear, surf gear, bike gear,  etc)
  4. Dinnerware (plates, mugs, trays, placemats, etc)
  5. Travel accessories (luggage, travel bottles, bags, wallets, travel accessories)
  6. House linen (bedding, pillows, towels, mats, tablecloths, curtains, etc)
  7. Jewellery & watches
  8. Beauty (Make up products, brush sets, nail art)
  9. House decoration (wall art, diffusers, appliances, candles, chairs, storage, lampshades etc)
  10. Food (wedding cakes, sugar cookies, chocolate)

N.B. This list is not comprehensive, but represents just the top categories.


Top marble texture applications


Which are the trends for marbled products?

In some industries marble texture print made its first appearance in 2013, while others have just embraced the marble mania. Marble pattern is still rock and rolling in fitness wear and any kind of sport gear, as well as in smaller lifestyle accessories. Here are some examples: