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Everything Marble reports: Marble texture trends (part 1)

March 22, 2019
Marble textures trends 2019

Marble has become a print pattern capable of elevating anything:  from interior design to decor, fashion, food, sports gear, and high tech, every industry is embracing the Carrara marble texture madness.

Our Carrara Marble Trend Observatory scans everyday shops online, social media and design projects all over the world to search for marble – inspired products.   Since 2016, we have found thousands of items in marble textures in more than 230 product categories (and we are gradually publishing them!). It is now time to try to draw some marble texture trends based on our researches.

Most popular marble textures for product design

Which are the top 10 popular marble textures?


  1. White Carrara marble (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy)
  2. Statuario  marble (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy)
  3. Arabescato marble (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy)
  4. Calacatta marble (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy ) and gold veined marble in general
  5. Negro Marquina (Marquina, Basque Country, Northeast of Spain)
  6. Venetian Terrazzo (composition of marble and stone pieces)
  7. Pink and coral marble (several kinds of Chinese, Italian and Portuguese marbles as well as quartz)
  8. Black Gold marble (Pakistan), Black Saint Laurent (North Africa), Portoro and Black and gold marble in general
  9. Verde Alpi (Green Alps) marble (Valle D’Aosta, Italy)
  10. Other colourful stones and minerals (not exactly marble, but to be read in the same natural material trend)

Marble textures trends for product design according to EVERYTHING MARBLE, The Carrara marble Trend Observatory


Which are the trends for printed marble textures?

↑ Trending      → Stable      ↓Slowing down

↑↑ Terrazzo

↑ Pink and coral marble*

↑ Negro Marquina

↑ Colourful stones

→White Carrara Marble, Statuario, Arabescato

→ Calacatta marble

→ Portoro (Portovenere, Liguria, Italy) / Black gold marble (Pakistan)

↓ Verde Alpi Marble (Valle d’Aosta, Italy)


*You may be interested to read also our article about the PANTONE Color of the Year 2019, in marble and terrazzo patterns.

N.B. These trends refer to print marble textures used in product design and packaging and do not necessarily reflect real marble market trends.


The power of Carrara marble texture in product design


The most popular pattern worldwide is without doubt Carrara marble, now used in product design in many different industries, which appear to be timeless. ‘Carrara marble’ is often specified in the name of marble effect products suggesting that it is a brand name that can sell anything, conveying a sense of exclusivity, quality, and refinement. Interesting to notice, Carrara is the only marble name that is widely known and used, while other types of marble are usually indicated just by their colour ( e.g. black marble, pink marble etc.). ‘Calacatta’ is sometimes used, but often unproperly, just to indicate a gold veining, and it is often created digitally.

When talking about pattern names, ‘Carrara marble’ does not indicate exclusively the White Carrara type but in general all marble varieties that can be found in Carrara (Apuan Alps), from White to Statuario, Venato, and Arabescato.

Carrara marble textures and pictures are in such high demand that some graphic designers have recreated the veins with graphics apps, but it is easy for marble lovers to tell the difference between a real picture and a fake reproduction. (Tip:  just come to Carrara and take some pictures yourself of the most beautiful marble in the world, while having a great vacation in Tuscany!)


fake marble texture vs real marble picture


Want more? Stay tuned for other insights on Marble texture trends about most popular product categories for marble texture and geography of marble pattern trend. All data are based on Everything Marble researches, Google Trends, and social media trends.

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