Marble nail art

January 21, 2019
Marble nails (source: @christinabiagioli instagram)

Marble nail art mania has exploded in 2017: Marble emerged as the most popular nail art trend on Pinterest. According to Pinterest, in 2017 searches for “marble nails” registered +189% over 2016, and in 2018 they kept increasing in Australia by 31%. Pinterest and Instagram are full of inspirations for marble nail art done by beauty salons and nail artists, but if you want to try them yourself, there are also tons of tutorials.

How to make marble nails

The basic instructions are to pick two shades of non toxic polish white and grey, but also hearthier and warmer colours. Apply a light base coat, then use the darker color for the veins. There are many different techniques you can choose to obtain the marble veins: swirling the colour around with a  thin nail art brush, scrunched paper, plastic wrap, water marble, or even a sharpie marker! You can then add other small details in gold or cream, and of course final mat or shiny coating.

Whats your favourite style?



  1.   Electa nail art. (source: @electanailart instagram)
  2.  Lou Flores (source: @lou_flores instagram)
  3.  Naails by Bella (source: @naailsbybella instagram)
  4.  Nails by Wenn (source: @wenn_nguyen instagram)
  5.  Marble nails (source: @christinabiagioli instagram)
  6.  Nails en things (source: @nails_en_things instagram)
  7.  Electa nail art (source: @electanailart instagram)


Marble nail art tutorials

Find here threee different tutorials on how to make marble nails on your own.

1. Marble nails tutorial by Kirstin Gardner using plastic wrap:


2. Marble nails tutorial by NinaNailedit using sharpie marker and a nail brush:


3. Marble nails tutorial by using only nail art brush: