Marble and stone notebooks

November 4, 2018

Marble and stone inspired stationery is popping everywhere. Carrara Marble texture applied to paper is very sleek and minimalistic and is often combined with other hot trends of the moment: pastels and copper. The effect of an heavy natural material transformed into paper or leather is very interesting. Even Post-it has a marble notes cube. Marble notebooks and planners, as well as marble office sets are really a must have accessory this year!

Many designers have been inspired by the beauty and sophistication of Carrara white marble, thus the marble trend is expanding to every aspect of graphic design: marble business cards,  corporate stationery, marble inspired web design, marble office sets, binders and organizers etc.

Marble notebook by Eccolo - everythingmarble.blog

Marble notebook by Eccolo

Marble Notebook with metallic lettering by Eccolo, New York based designer of home accessories.


Marble notebook Urban Outfitters

Marble notebook by Urban Outfitters

Marble print notebook with strap closure by Urban Outfitters.


DearMaison stone notebook

White marble Stone Notebook by Dear Maison

White marble Stone Notebook by Dear Maison.


Marble agenda by Indigo

Marble agenda by Indigo

Marble hidden spiral 17 month agenda by Indigo.


Marble spiral agenda by Indigo

Marble spiral agenda by Indigo

Marble Mint spiral 17 month agenda by Indigo.

Marble notebook by Callicrafty

Marble notebook by Callicrafty

Minimalist marble notebook by Callicrafty.

Marble notebook by Voideine

Marble notebooks with hard cover by Voideine.


Marble notebook by Lunarbay

Marble leather notebooks and marble pen gift set by Lunarbay.


Marble notebook by Filofax

Marble notebook  by Filofax: eco-leather, A5 format.